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WAPF Warns FDA on dangers of salt restriction

Weston A. Price Foundation Nutrition Education Non-Profit Files Comments

January 24, 2012–Washington, DC–The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) has warned the FDA that plans for salt restriction pose a health threat to Americans of all ages, in comments submitted to the agency yesterday.

The Weston A. Price Foundation is a non-profit nutrition education foundation dedicated to accurate scientific information about diet and health. Last year, WAPF led the criticism of USDA 2010 dietary guidelines.

WAPF noted that by entitling their document “Approaches to Reducing Sodium Consumption,” the FDA has signaled that it has already  decided that Americans’ sodium consumption should be reduced.  But neither history nor the scientific evidence support this approach.

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Keep FDA from meddling with the salt in our foods!

From the WAPF:

ACTION ALERT: Keep FDA from meddling with the salt in our foods!

The FDA is laying the groundwork for extensive restrictions on salt.  This threatens your health and your access to foods traditionally prepared with salt, such as cheese and fermented vegetables.

The agency is seeking public comments on a document entitled “Approaches to Reducing Sodium Consumption.” This title indicates that they have already decided that sodium consumption should be reduced and all that’s left are the regulations as to how.

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