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Often family farms offer more than one type of product,  so do read through the list to find out where foods are available.  Also, some providers are listed under more than one topic, for example, produce delivery services will be listed under Vegetables and Fruits as well as Delivery Services.

Raw Milk

Cow Milk

  • Four E Dairy is a licensed raw cow milk dairy, 784 County Road 251 Moulton TX 77975.  The dairy sells milk and cream.  The cows are Jersey and Jersey-cross and are grassfed and supplemented with a ration that includes home-grown hay and silage.  They are given no hormones or antibiotics.
  • Frerichs Dairy, The Jersey Barnyard, is a licensed raw cow milk dairy, 3117 State Hwy 159 LaGrange, TX 78945.  The cows are 100% grassfed and all Jersey.  The dairy also sells cheese and eggs from pastured chickens.
  • Gramen Farm no longer sells raw milk.
  • Healthyway Dairy, a licensed raw cow milk dairy at 15526 Cedar St., Santa Fe, TX, offering milk and sometimes buttermilk and kefir.  They also stock eggs and chickens from Kenz Henz and Jolly Farms.  Email cowsplus@verizon.net or call 409-739-2389.  More about Healthyway Dairy on Real Food Houston.  See a super documentary about life on the Nelson’s Farm at Healthyway Dairy here.
  • La Grange: The Jersey Barnyard, 3117 St. Hwy. 159, La Grange TX 78945, phone: 979-249-3406 (store) or 979-249-6450 (Ralph’s cell), web: TXJersey.com. Grade A Raw for Retail Texas Permit #480704. Century family farm. Grass-fed, pastured Jersey herd since 1948. Farm tours offered daily, gift shop with raw milk, farmstead cheeses, and free-range eggs.
  • Linda’s Raw Milk in Cleveland, TX, Linda and Harvey Winegar, 10150 FM 1725, Cleveland, TX 77328, phone: 281-593-1005, email: hlwinegar@att.net.  This is a family farm using sustainable farm practices. Cows are all Jersey and are humanely raised, no hormones or antibiotics administered. Cows are tested free from BLV(bovine leukemia virus), TB, and Brucellosis. They are pasture raised and given hay and feed. Linda’s is a Grade A licensed dairy. They sell raw milk, yogurt, cream and kefir. They are located 10 miles from 105 and 10 miles from 150. No phone calls before 8 am or after 9 pm. They are open most all of the time, please call before you come.
  • Sand Creek Farm & Dairy, Ben and Alysha Godfrey, 1552 CR 267, Cameron TX 76520, phone: 254-697-2927, email: info@sandcreekfarm.net.  A licensed raw cow milk dairy offers milk, cheeses, kefir, and yogurt.  Their cows are 100% grassfed even during milking and are gmo-free and soy-free.  They do not use hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals, and their cows are 100% A2 with an A2 bull.  They also offer pastured broilers, eggs, turkey, and pork (all raised on soy-free feed), and 100% grass-fed lamb and beef.  raw filtered honey, grade B maple syrup (non-Certified Organic), and seasonal non-Certified Organic produce available via CSA, u-pick-em, harvest on the halves and individual purchases for members through a member online software.  Sand Creek Farm cheeses are sold by Houston Dairymaids.  Sand Creek Farm Facebook page.
  • Stryk Jersey Farm a licensed raw cow milk dairy near Schulenberg, TX, sells milk, cream, cheese, buttermilk, butter, and sour cream. Email bobstryk@cvctx.com for details.  Address: 629 Krenek Stryk Rd, Schulenburg, TX 78956, Phone: (979) 561-8469.
  • Valenta Jersey Farm, a licensed raw cow milk dairy, 4652 County Road 303, El Campo, TX.  They will soon (as of June 2015) have cream and flavored milk.  Their cows are pastured on pesticide-free grass and hay.  They are fed some grain (may contain gmos) during milking. Email ValentaJerseyFarm@yahoo.com, Phone (979) 253-1755 or (979) 253-1130.  Valenta Jersey Farm Facebook page.
  • Some delivery services also offer raw milk through pre-paid co-ops.  See Delivery below.

Goat Milk

  • Anala Goat Company and Earth Mother Farms, contact: Roy and Linda Atkinson, (281) 343-5991, members only pre-orders: mother@analagoatcompany.com , raw goat and cow milk, raw goat’s milk chevre, feta, kefir and whey, one of 13 licensed raw dairies in Texas, 50 miles southwest of Houston.  Anala Goat Company has a farmers market at 6631 River Road, Richmond TX 77469 / (281) 343-5991.
  • Anderson Goats in Gause, TX.  Johan and Marlene Anderson, P.O. Box 24, Gause TX 77857, phone: 214-862-8066 (Marlene) or 214-263-8919 (Johan), email: b-poole@live.com, web: www.AndersonGoats.com. Selling whole milk (Grade A Retail Raw License) from free-range La Mancha and Saanen Goats that also receive some grain at milking. Available to take calls 7am to 10pm (Central time zone), phone to discuss supply options.  Facebook page.  [this farm may be out of business]
  • Crockett: Guardian Farms, (48 mi NNE of Huntsville on State Hwy 19), phone: 936-544-2004, email: guardianangel@valornet.com. Dairy goats for sale (Saanens) through community goatshare program. Goats are fed grass, alfalfa hay, beet pulp, corn, oats, cottonseed meal, sunflower seed, and unmedicated high-protein pellets. Also offer pastured brown eggs, turkeys, guinea, and pullets.
  • Little Dairy on the Prairie Tarkington Prairie) in Allison, TX. phone: 281-622-9973, email: texanmomof10@yahoo.com (put “real milk” in subject line). Raw goat milk for sale, fresh or frozen.  Dayton-Liberty area.
  • Proverbs Farm Dairy, in Alvin, TX, has phased out raw goat milk products.
  • Swede Farm Dairy in Waller, TX.   Facebook page. Tim or LeeAnne Carlson, Waller TX, phone: 832-659-7070 or 936-931-1863.  Products include raw goat milk, yogurt, kefir from a family run Grade A Dairy.
  • Udderladies Farm, Pasadena, TX. Phone: 281-487-1930, email: UdderladiesFarm@SBCGlobal.net. Raw goat milk for cheese & soap making at low prices.

The Real Milk Finder on RealMilk.com , TexasRealMilk.org, and Eatwild.com have additional sources of Grade A raw dairy products in Texas and other states.

Raw Milk Cheese

Low-temperature Pasteurized, Not-homogenized Milk

  • Mill-King Market & Creamery markets a low-temp pasteurized, not-homogenized milk in Houston.  The cows are primarily grass-fed and their supplement is non-GMO.  They are given no antibiotics and no hormones.  Mill-King milk, cream, and cheese can be bought at Revival Market and Whole Foods Market (Bellaire, Katy, Kirby, Montrose, Post Oak, Sugarland, Wilcrest, and Woodway).  Other Houston businesses use Mill-King milk and cream, including Trentino Gelato and these coffee shops: Antidote, Black Hole, Double Trouble, and Catalina.  Mill-King milk is also delivered by Farmhouse Delivery.  Read more about Mill-King dairy on Real Food Houston.  Raw milk is only available at the farm store at 1410 Coyote Ln, McGregor TX 76657.

Grassfed Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken, Eggs from Pastured Chickens, and Local Raw Honey [Back to top]

  • Aitken Farm and Ranch, Tomball, TX, offers grassfed beef raised humanely.  They currently offer only ground beef but are planning to offer other cuts of meat soon.   The farm is located at 20000 Bauer Hockley Rd, Tomball, TX, 77377.
  • The Barry Farm in Sugarland, TX, raises white dorper sheep and lambs, Heritage Breed Red Wattle hogs.  They have a CSA delivery for eggs from pastured chickens.  They also have local raw honey.  The feed for their heritage breed  hogs is non-gmo and soy free.  Online order form.
  • A Better Way Beef in Washington, TX, provides grassfed and grass-finished beef, pastured lamb, goat, chicken, and pork, plus eggs. They use no added hormones, no antibiotics, and no vaccines.  Chicken supplemental feed is non-GMO and non-soy.  Delivery is available to Houston, San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas.  A Better Way products are also sold retail at the following locations:  Partners in Paleo in League City, A Moveable Feast in Houston, Candy’s Farm to Market (9201 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77024, 713-677-0159), and Peoples Pharmacy In Austin.
  • Dustin’s Eggs – Dustin Hoeinghaus, Weimar, TX, provides eggs from pastured chickens that are drug free. The supplemental feed is grown using sustainable practices and is not  genetically modified (GM). Contact Dustin at 512-423-5386.
  • Gulf Coast Honey Bee Farms, Pearland, TX, sells local raw honey at the Nassau Bay Farmers Market. They also do bee removals and education programs.
  • Harrison Hog Farms is a family farm that offers pork, lamb, and goat.  The animals are raised on pasture and receive no antibiotics, growth enhancers, or chemicals.
  • Jeremiah Cunningham’s World’s Best Eggs are produced at Coyote Creek Farm by chickens fed 100% soy-free organic feed that is milled fresh daily at Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill. Beginning February 14, 2012, the eggs are available at Whole Foods Markets in the Southwest Region (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana).  For more information, contact Cameron Molberg, email: Cameron@CoyoteCreekFarm.org.
  • Hidden Paradise Farm in Dickinson, TX, sells chicks, fresh eggs from pasture-raised hens and “H and H” Non-GMO/Non-SOY Feeds.  Hidden Paradise Farm on FacebookOrder from Hidden Paradise Farm.
  • Joyful Noise Farms, 4641 Ike Frank Fd, Santa Fe, TX, sells eggs from pastured chickens at the Clear Lake Shores farmers market and Galveston Island Market at Saengerfest Park.
  • Kenz Henz and Hatchery and Feeds in Santa Fe, TX, has eggs from pastured chickens.  Non-GMO and non-soy eggs are available.  The chickens are not medicated.  You can buy Kenz eggs at the Galveston Farmers Market and at Healthyway Dairy.  As of January 2016, Kenz Henz eggs are also being sold at several Houston area Arlan and HEB groceries.  Additional locations are continually being added.
  • Law Ranch Cattle Company is a family farm that offers grass-fed and grass-finished beef.  They sell packaged beef at several local farmers markets.
  • Lucky Lizard Ranch is a family farm with dairy cows, eggs, bees, and heritage pigs.  They also offer a produce CSA.  Traditionally processed eggs are now available.  They usually have kombucha scobys, sourdough starter, and firewood. When available they have honey, herbs, and produce. They welcome farm tours by appointment.
  • The Medina Farm, located in Wharton, TX, has soy-free and gmo-free pastured chickens and eggs, seasonal herbs, berries, vegetables, and much more.  Products.  They also offer doTerra essential oils, natural cleaning products and goat milk soaps, lotions and body butters.  The Medina Farm Facebook page.  Contact email: debrapmedina@gmail.com.  Phone: 979-253-0220.
  • Paidom Meats in Nazareth, TX, has grass-fed beef, pastured lamb, pork, chicken, and goat, including organ meats and bones.  Eggs are also available.  Order online for Houston area delivery.
  • Sand Creek Farm in Cameron, TX, offers grassfed beef, pastured pork, and organic vegetables.
  • Spring Hill Farm in Anderson, TX, offers pastured beef, pork, and poultry, eggs (both chicken and duck), and bone broth.  They sell products at farmers markets and by delivery in Bryan/College Station and Montgomery County.  New location: the Nassau Bay Farmer’s Market at Erma’s Nutrition Center every Saturday, 10 to 2.
  • Yonder Way Farm is a family farm in Fayetteville, TX, which has grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and free-range corn-free and soy-free chickens and eggs.  They also offer local raw honey, Pinca Pura Vida produce boxes,  and pickup and delivery (pre-paid) of Stryk’s raw milk. Check their website for delivery locations; there are many around the Houston area.  You can also learn more about the farm on their Facebook page.  They also now offer bone broth.
  • Eatwild.com has additional sources of Texas grassfed beef, eggs from pastured chickens, and raw dairy products.
  • Some farmers market vendors sell ungraded yard eggs from pastured chickens, but be sure to ask how they supplement their feed because almost all poultry farmers supplement their chickens’ free-range feeding. If they grow their own supplemental feed using organic practices or buy organic feed, their eggs are GMO-free (free of genetically modified organisms). If they buy conventional feed that includes corn or soy, the feed probably contains GMOs. Almost all  corn and soy grown in the USA is GMO.

Traditional Fats [Back to top]

  • Epic Duck fat, pork lard, and beef tallow are available at several locations in Houston.  Erma’s Nutrition Center in Nassau Bay, Texas, stocks all three fats.  Some HEB groceries stock the fats. These animal fats are produced by Epic Bar in Austin, TX.  The duck fat is from cage-free ducks; the pork lard is from heritage Berkshire pigs, and the beef tallow is from grassfed cows.
  • Yonder Way Farm is a family farm in Fayetteville, TX, which has grass-fed beef and pastured pork.  They also offer grassfed beef tallow and lard.  For more information, see their listing under Meat.

Bone Broth (Stock).

  • Erma’s Nutrition Center, Nassau Bay, offers a variety of bone broths, available frozen.
  • Natural Living Food Co-op, 219 N. Michigan Ave, League City, offers locally made bone broth.
  • Partners in Paleo in League City sells beef and chicken bone broth by the cup or quart.  Beef and chicken broth by the quart from A Better Way Beef are also available at Partners in Paleo.
  • Yonder Way Farm is a family farm in Fayetteville, TX, which has grass-fed beef and pastured pork.  They also offer prepared bone broth.  For more information, see their listing under Meat.

Fermented Foods

  • Feel Swell fermented beverages are available at area farmers markets, including Urban Harvest on Sundays and Grogan’s Mill on Saturdays. Current beverages include ginger soda, strawberry soda, and beet kvass. Some of the beverages may also be purchased on line. All ingredients are organic or local. [this company may be out of business]
  • Kickin’ Kombucha is a Houston company that sells locally made kombucha at many stores They use local ingredients whenever possible and compost spent tea and botanicals.

Vegetables and Fruits (includes CSAs and delivery services) [Back to top]

  • Animal Farm in Cat Spring, TX, has a large variety of organic vegetables and fruits year round.  Their produce can be found in Houston at many farmers markets, including Rice University Farmers Market and Urban Harvest Farmers Market.  The produce is also used by Houston restaurants.  Animal Farm Facebook page.
  • Basket Case Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) from Utility Research Garden in Lake Jackson, TX, offers delivery of vegetables and fruits.  The farm practices “Natural Agriculture, no pesticides (organic or otherwise) no fertilizers at all, no herbicides.”  Contact David Cater, phone 512-626-9825 or sign-up online.
  • Central City Co-Op: Houston’s original organic co-op.  Members can order fruits and veggies on-line.
  • Farmigo – a website that helps you find a farm in your local area where you can buy fresh produce.  There are several listed in the Houston area.
  • Fruits ‘N Such Orchard, 6903 Ave U, Dickinson, TX 77539, phone (832) 443-6733. A pick-your-own farm with peaches, blackberries, herbs, and assorted vegetables.  Conventionally grown but local and fresh.  Only open from about May 1 when blackberries are ripe through June 30.  You pick what you want and pay by the pound.  Facebook page.
  • Funky Monkey Farms at the corner of Burton and House Streets in Alvin, TX, offers a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, picked daily.  Produce grown.  They also have starter plants for home gardeners and eggs from pastured chickens.  Their farming practices do use some chemical fertilizers but no pesticides.  The farm also offers baked goods, including yeast breads, rolls, cakes & cookies, quick breads, and cinnamon rolls.
  • Home Sweet Farm in Brenham, Houston’s First & Largest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).  There are several Houston pick-up sites.
  • Just Peachy Farms in Palestine, TX.  The farm uses organic practices and offers a wide variety of local, fresh vegetables and fruits.  They sell produce at the Nassau Bay Farmers Market at Erma’s Nutrition Center and also the Kemah Farmers Market.  Click here to pre-order produce to pick up at Nassau Bay Farmers Market.
  • Moon Dog Farms in Santa Fe, TX, offers beyond organic produce at the Galveston’s Own Farmers’ Market and sells to some restaurants. The farm is Certified Naturally Grown, a program designed for small farms.  They follow the same standards as Certified USDA Organic. They never use synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones or genetically modified organisms.  Moon Dog Farms Facebook page.
  • Plant It Forward Farms is a co-op of Houston area farms that employ refugees to grow vegetables and fruits without chemicals and GMOs.  The produce is sold at Farmers Markets, through Farm Share subscriptions, at farm stands, and to chefs throughout the Houston area.  They are certified sustainable by Urban Harvest.  Plant It Forward’s mission is to give economically disadvantaged refugees an opportunity to become self-sufficient through growing, harvesting and selling produce from a sustainable urban farm within the city of Houston. Each farm will have the potential to generate a fair wage for a family of four while providing premium brand sustainably-grown produce to Houstonians. Plant It Forward secures land, selects, trains, and mentors farmers.
  • Rawfully Organic Co-op, offers boxes of fruits and vegetables, mostly organic (and labeled if not). Half or full shares are available as well as all fruit shares and all local shares. The co-op also has an online store that offers items like kitchen accessories, books, and glassware.
  • The Medina Farm, located in Wharton, TX, has seasonal herbs, berries, and vegetables.  They also offer doTerra essential oils, natural cleaning products and goat milk soaps, lotions and body butters.  The Medina Farm Facebook page.  Medina Farm also sells soy-free and gmo-free pastured chickens and eggs.  Contact email: debrapmedina@gmail.com.  Phone: 979-253-0220.
  • Winter Family Farm in Santa Fe, TX. Fresh local produce year-round. Produce can be found at the Nassau Bay Farmers’ Market, Saturdays, 10 – 2.  You may contact the farm by email or phone at 281-989-4219.
  • Wood Duck Farm, located in San Jacinto County, offers a CSA for vegetables and fruits.  There is delivery to some areas of Houston. They are not certified organic but use sustainable farming methods.  They use natural fertilizers and fungicides and pesticides with OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) labels.  Contact phone: 713-876-8645.  Email: csa@woodduckfarm.com.
  • Several farms in the Houston area allow customers to pick their own fruits and vegetables: (These are probably not organic. Please ask the farm about how they grow their produce.)
    • Fruits ‘N Such Orchard, 6903 Ave U, Dickinson, TX 77539, phone (832) 443-6733. A pick-your-own farm with peaches, blackberries, herbs, and assorted vegetables.  Conventionally grown but local and fresh.  Only open from about May 1 when blackberries are ripe through June 30.  You pick what you want and pay by the pound.  Facebook page.
    • Kids out and about lists local farms that allow picking.
    • Matt Family Orchard
    • Marburger Orchard
    • PickYourOwn.org is a list of several farms.
  • Locally grown vegetables and fruits are also available at many Houston area farmers’ markets.

Grains and Flour

Baked Goods (incl. sourdough bread)

Spices, Herbs, and Seasonings

  • Savory Spice Shop in Rice Village, 2516 Times Blvd., Houston, Texas 77005, for organic spices and seasonings.

Organic Gardening & Feed Supplies [Back to top]

  • Coyote Creek Farm and  Feed Mill, Elgin, TX – organic feed mill, pastured eggs, grass-fed beef.  Coyote Creek certified organic feed products are available in several Houston area stores.
  • Edible Earth Resources, a full-service edible gardening company that provides landscaping to help you grow edible plants that look natural.  They promote sustainable practices that avoid pesticides.  They install gardens for restaurant that want to grow their own produce (Coltivare).
  • Heights Plant Farm – 2521 N Durham Houston, TX 77008, 713-868-7990, for organic gardening and landscaping services. [this store is temporarily closed]
  • The Medina Farm, located in Wharton, TX, for soy-free and GMO-free seeds and animal feed.  The Medina Farm Facebook page. Contact email: debrapmedina@gmail.com. Phone: 979-253-0220.
  • Nature’s Way Resources, Conroe, TX – an organically based source of gardening and landscaping supplies, for compost, mulch, and plants.
  • Quality Feed and Garden Company – 4428 North Main Street, Houston, TX,  713-862-2323.  Not all of their feed is organic but they do carry Coyote Creek organic feed and natural farm and garden treatments, and their prices are very reasonable.  The owner is an advocate of organic gardening and will be glad to talk about it.
  • Wabash Feed Store – 5701 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX, 713-863-8322, carries Coyote Creek organic feed and other organic farm and gardening supplies. [In August 2016, Wabash Feed will move to a new, larger location on North Shepherd.]

Delivery Services for Produce, Meat, and More

  • Farmhouse Delivery, local organic produce delivery in Houston. On-line ordering. (Farmhouse Delivery merged with Greenling)
  • Houston Farm to Home, a home delivery service for 100% Grass-Fed Beef, 100% Grass-Fed Lamb, Pasture Raised Chicken, Pasture Raised Pork, Free Range Eggs, local raw honey, Raw Milk Co-op, and much more.
  • Paidom Meats in Nazareth, TX, has grass-fed beef, pastured lamb, pork, chicken, and goat, including organ meats and bones.  Eggs are also available.  Order online for Houston area delivery.
  • Yonder Way Farm is a family farm in Fayetteville, TX, which has grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and free-range corn-free and soy-free chickens and eggs.  They also offer local raw honey, Pinca Pura Vida produce boxes, and pickup and delivery (pre-paid) of Stryk’s raw milk. Check their website for delivery locations; there are many around the Houston area.  You can also learn more about the farm on their Facebook page.

Water and Minerals

  • The Water Tree by the Bay at 3538 E NASA Pkwy, Seabrook, TX 77586, offers water filters, from counter top to whole house versions, that remove contaminants such as chlorine and fluoride plus they have minerals to restore water quality.  Phone:(281) 917-1316.

Food Co-ops [Back to top]

  • Central City Co-Op is Houston’s original organic co-op.  Members can order fruits and vegetables on-line.
  • Friendswood Organic Co-op, offers a choice of share sizes of organic fruits and vegetables.  Managed by Nature’s Garden Market.
  • Natural Living Food Co-op, 219 N. Michigan Ave, League City, offers weekly produce shares and co-op ordering of a wide variety of bulk foods, from flours and grains to frozen meats, fruits and vegetables. You must be a member to order. Many of the foods are gluten-free and/or organic. There is a limited delivery area.  Natural Living has moved to a new location in League park and now has expanded hours.  The market is open to both members and non-members.  They now have an organic juice/smoothie/coffee/tea bar.
  • Rawfully Organic Co-op, offers boxes of fruits and vegetables, mostly organic (and labeled if not). Half or full shares are available as well as all fruit shares and all local shares. The co-op also has an online store that offers items such as kitchen accessories, books, and glassware.

Health Food Stores

  • Erma’s Nutrition Center, Nassau Bay, offers fresh organic produce; pastured eggs; organic frozen foods including grassfed meat, pastured chicken, and fruits and vegetables; organic baked goods, including a wide selection of gluten-free items; supplements; and personal care items.
  • Nature’s Garden Market, Friendswood, offers supplements, groceries, and personal care items.  Nature’s Garden also has a café offering salads and sandwiches, many with organic ingredients.  They manage Friendswood Organic Co-op.
  • Nature’s Market, FM 1960, Houston, offers organic groceries, supplements, essential oils, and probiotics.

Cooking Classes [Back to top]

  • My Life Delicious for classes in traditional cooking.  All recipes are gluten-free with dairy and egg free options.  Classes include how to ferment vegetables and fruits, baking with coconut flour, and more. The instructor is Amy Robison, Traditional Foods Cook and Nutrition Consultant.

Online Sources for Real Foods

  • If you can’t find local sources of the real foods you need, Real Food Houston has a Resources page that has online sources of meats, fats & oils, legumes, nuts and seeds, natural sweeteners, fermented foods, grains & flours, culturing supplies, and more.  Beyond food related needs, the resources page includes sources for organic clothing and mattresses, personal care products, and cleaning supplies.
  • The Weston A. Price Foundation has a Shopping Guide application, Find Real Food App, where you can search by zipcode for high quality foods in your area.  There is an iPhone app for the service, Real Food Mobile.  To find the iPhone app, enter “wapf” in the app search box.
  • Real Bone Broth – ships frozen chicken and beef bone broth. Their broth is made with Weston A. Price Foundation preparation methods.

Real Food Restaurants [Back to top]

If you are interested in finding Houston area restaurants that are trying to move toward more healthful practices in food selection and preparation, such as using local produce, organic foods, grassfed beef, etc., visit the Real Food Restaurants page at RealFoodHouston.

Edible Wild Plants [Back to top]

Many wild plants are edible and nutritious.  To find out more about local Texas wild plants, check out Merriwether’s Guide to Edible Wild Plants of Texas and the Southwest.  Merriwether is a Houston, TX, researcher who teaches an edible wild plants class at the Houston Arboretum.

Contact us or leave a comment if you know of other local sources of real food or have updates to any listing.  We appreciate your suggestions.

Last update:  July 11, 2016

37 Responses to Local Food & Milk

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  3. corey Jones says:

    need a source for real grass fed butter in houston

    • Carolyn says:

      I know of two Houston area raw milk, grass fed dairies that sell butter–Stryk’s Dairy and Pure Milk Farms, both listed under Raw Milk above. I have tried both and they’re good. The listing for Miracle Farm says that they sometimes have cow milk butter, but I haven’t tried theirs or visited their farm.

    • S.G.N. says:

      Gramen Farms in Tomball sells raw milk butter from grass-fed Jersey cows, as well as grass-fed beef. They also have co-ops in various parts of the Houston area. There’s a link to their Web site in the listing above.

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  9. Dawn Killian says:


    Two weekends ago girlfriends and I ventured to Calico Dairy in Conroe and treated ourselves to a selection of raw milk, raw cheeses,kefier,kambucha, organic meats & bones for making bone broth… The staff was friendly the animals were clean and friendly, the cheesemaker was happy and busy.

    It’s my first step in this adventure , however I definitely recommend a trip if you are in the region.



  10. Sara J says:

    Curious what it takes to get a local resource put on this list? I use A Better Way Beef for my meat and Houston Farm to Home (which is like a co-op) for my milk and Rawfully Organic (they have local boxes) for produce.

    • Hi Sara,

      Your suggestions are what we need. I have already looked up A Better Way Beef, and they seem to be exactly what we are looking for. I will check out all of your suggestions, and maybe I can add them soon.

      We appreciate the information. Houston is such a large area that it is difficult to know about all the resources in the area.


    • All of your suggestions, plus some others, have been added to the Food Resource page. Thanks for taking the time to let us know about these food sources.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Y’all should add Pure Milk Farms in Winnie, TX. It’s about 70 miles East of Houston, but they do drop offs in Houston Heights every other Saturday, as well as a couple of other cities in the area. Delicious milk from 100% grass-fed cows, and the prices are very affordable. They also do cream, cheese, yogurt, kefir, and soured tortillas. I sought them out ’cause we drink cream (rather than milk) and it is one of the only places that sells it in quart sizes (rather than tiny pint or 1/2 pint sizes). Wonderful folks, and super communicative. Reachable by either phone or email real easy.

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  18. Andrea Badot says:

    We have been enjoying purchasing grass fed beef products, pasture raised eggs, organic milk, locally grown, organic and organic locally grown produce from The Veggie Lady. (http://www.the-veggie-lady.com/) We go to the Kingwood location, but they also have a store in The Woodlands.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I have not been able to find out enough about The Veggie Lady to add them to the listing at this time. Although the website says the produce is local, it does not say where it’s grown. There was no mention of local organic milk on the website.

  19. Becky says:

    We use Houston Organic Farm for veggie delivery. They are fantastic. You can find them on Facebook.

  20. renee says:

    I used Greenling food delivery but they have now merged with Farmhouse Delivery. They do require a pre-set delivery schedule which Greenling didn’t do.

    I emailed Vicki from Lonesome Doe Nubians, they stopped selling goat milk products 4 years ago!! They only sell soaps now. It seems like this list needs some updating.

  21. James says:

    Is there a local supplier/distributor for Green Pasture products?

  22. Tara says:

    Is there no raw goat milk available on the north side of Houston? I have contacted a couple of places on the list but haven’t received replies yet, and it seems that a number of them are no longer offering raw milk. In fact, even the one in Santa Fe (Miracle Farm) is actually a link for MiaBella Farm — selling honey. Is there no raw goat milk available in the area anymore?

    • I apologize for not answering your question sooner. I have updated the raw milk listings, but have not found any additional sources of raw goat milk in the greater Houston area. Have you tried the Anala Goat Company? If you are able to drive a little farther, you could look at the listings under Texas on RealMilk.com’s Real Milk Finder. Raw milk can be frozen for several months.

  23. I would like to add Aitken Farm & Ranch to the list under grassfed beef.

  24. Ady says:

    Are there any farms that sell low temperature pasteurized milk in the greater Houston area?

    • I don’t know of any farms very close to Houston that sell low-temperature pasteurized milk; however, since it is legal to sell the milk for retail, there are several stores that sell the milk. I know of at least two brands available locally, both from pastured cows–Mill-King and Kalona. Mill-King is available at Whole Foods stores, and Kalona is sold at Erma’s Nutrition Center in Nassau Bay. Mill-King is a Waco, Texas, farm. Kalona Supernatural is certified organic from a farm in Iowa. Other sources, including delivery services, of low-temp pasteurized milk and milk products may be found on our chapter Local Food & Milk page.

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