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Making butter at home

Demystifying butter! How to make butter (and whip cream) with a mason jar.

butter hardened


Ever since my girlfriend told me I could make whip cream really easily with my KitchenAid (and simultaneously my husband got an espresso machine!) I’ve been popping out batches to go with fruit and cappuccinos all week. Then she said, well, you know if you whip a little longer, it becomes butter…

Hmmm… worth a shot!

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Farmers Market Spotlight – Westchase Farmers Market

Thursdays 3-7pm (hours change seasonally)
10503 Westheimer Road (Beltway 9 and Westheimer)

Westchase 1

I was originally contacted by the Westchase Farmers Market manager in fall of last year. He contacted me to see if I wanted to be an egg vendor at the market. I am still small potatoes and don’t have the volume to make it to a weekly market, so despite his reassurance he would work with me, I respectfully declined.

Westchase 4Westchase 2

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TOFGA Conference Recap – Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association – Feb 2014

So, this was my first official year at TOFGA. Last year, I wanted to attend the Austin conference but we were in the middle of closing on our house so I only made the trip for a pre-conference workshop on cover crops. It was readily apparent I was the only one in the room that had no idea what cover crops were and what they did and how to irrigate a garden and so on and so forth. I didn’t know what t-tape was (and my notes said “tea tape?”). About the only thing I understood was compost tea. My husband has been obsessed with it since we went to the Funky Coop Chicken Tour in Austin a few years back and one of the sites on the tour had a Last Organic Outpost-esque variety  garden, but with chickens instead of aquaponics.

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New Chapter Leader – Valerie Stegemoeller – NW Houston

A colleague my husband met on a business trip inadvertently set us on the path to finding true health. My husband and I were both quite athletic growing up, and the extent of our knowledge of eating healthy consisted of the low-fat, low-carb, calories in-calories out mantra. Eat a little, work out a lot. When we moved to Houston to work at a start-up alternative energy investments group, we had lots of stress and little time to plan meals or work out. It took a large toll on our bodies and we did diet after diet trying to get back to feeling healthy and whole.

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