New Local Food Sources

Houston and southeast Texas is fortunate to have a year-round growing season and we are usually blessed with an abundance of locally produced vegetables and fruits as well as grassfed beef and meat from other pastured animals.  Our list has just gotten a little bit longer.

We’ve added new sources for organically grown vegetables and fruits and traditional animal fats to our Local Food & Milk page.

Mood Dog Farms ProduceMoon Dog Farms in Santa Fe, TX, is a Certified Naturally Grown farm that sells beyond organic produce at Galveston’s Own Farmers’ Market and to local restaurants.


Epic beef tallowEpic duck fat, pork lard, and beef tallow are now available at Erma’s Nutrition Center in Nassau Bay.  Epic fats are produced by Epic Bar in Austin, TX.



We thank one of our followers for the suggestion of Moon Dog Farms!  If you know of other local sources of pastured meat, organically grown produce, raw milk, or other traditional foods, please contact us.

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