Farmers Market Spotlight – Westchase Farmers Market

Thursdays 3-7pm (hours change seasonally)
10503 Westheimer Road (Beltway 9 and Westheimer)

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I was originally contacted by the Westchase Farmers Market manager in fall of last year. He contacted me to see if I wanted to be an egg vendor at the market. I am still small potatoes and don’t have the volume to make it to a weekly market, so despite his reassurance he would work with me, I respectfully declined.

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The market launched that October (2013), but since moving to Waller I am spoiled by the ability to avoid Houston traffic and as it’s about equally as far for me, I choose to drive the other direction from town – to Brenham’s Home Sweet Farm market. However, I started the Gut and Psychology Syndrome into diet (GAPS) this month and well, it encourages the GAPS person to avoid fibrous veggies for the first few stages. This meant that unfortunately despite it being brassica season, I had to take a brief hiatus from cabbage, Brussels sprouts, collards, kale,  kohlrabi, radishes, turnips, etc etc. This left me with beets, carrots, and limited broccoli and cauliflower. Well, I found a vendor at my local Cypress market in Bridgeland, that had yellow squash, zucchini and butternut squash, but that market is only once a month! Lucky for me, they also participate in the Westchase market. So, the following Thursday, I pulled myself together and braced for the trip to the Beltway and Westheimer.

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When I got there, it was a lovely, fairly complete little market. There were a handful of produce vendors, from the large and diverse Atkinson Farms, to smaller farms with sustainable produce, to a specialty tomato vendor. One of the farms had citrus and another had strawberries. I found honey and eggs, jams and jellies, olive oil, goat milk cheese/soap/lotion, and pork. I didn’t see chickens or beef, but having gone twice and seeing a couple different vendors different weeks, it might have been those vendors couldn’t make it to market those two weeks.

There were certainly other vendors as well to round out the experience (premade meals, cleaning products, dog treats, among other things) but one that really stood out was one of the dessert vendors.
Etsis Best 1This innovative woman makes desserts for an allergy sensitive consumer – gluten free (in fact, I think grain free also when I inquired about the ingredients), dairy-free, soy-free brownies and cookies.
Even more interesting, they are made of in-season produce sources from farmers at the market, such as honey, sweet potatoes, and even turnips! I had to pass (no potatoes on GAPS, darnit), but I purchased a dozen to share with my husband and as an appreciation gift for a handful of my loyal egg customers. They got rave reviews (and lots of orders for next trip) and she told me she will be making some squash based ones soon so perhaps I can try the next batch!

Etsies Best 2

For those on the west side, what a joy to have such a great little market!  I go to market to find local, sustainable produce and animal products above all else. And this market delivers. I wish, as with most markets, there was a way to find out if someone isn’t going to be there that week – it’s hard to make the commute and find out there isn’t tomatoes or cheese or honey. But, overall, the vendors are kind as can be and there is a nice variety for a decent-sized market. They definitely need another egg vendor – so I guess I need to hurry up on my flock expansion!

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  1. Mike says:

    Shiner Pork and Beef farm has a booth there…Grass fed beef.

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