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How to get started with a Traditional, Real Food diet

This post is republished from Real Food Houston:

You may have decided that you need to improve your diet. You may have health problems that you hope will improve if you eat better. Maybe someone in your family who is concerned with your health has encouraged you to change your diet. Whatever the reason, you want to learn how to eat better. This post is especially for those who want to change their diet but aren’t sure how to get started.


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Friday, November 15th is the Deadline for Comments on FDA Food Safety Bill

Action Alert from the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance:

There are only a few days are left to speak up for our farmers and food hubs! Help keep local food available and affordable.

During the last several weeks, people have been submitting their comments to the FDA regarding the proposed food safety regulations. But we need more voices if we’re going to win this battle!

  • Are you a farmer worried about losing your ability to farm sustainably?
  • Are you a consumer concerned that healthy fresh fruits and vegetables could disappear from your local co-ops and farmers market?
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