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USDA Issues Final Animal ID Rule

FARFA_wilderness_logoNews from the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance:

The USDA has issued a final rule on Animal ID.  While we are still working on a complete analysis of the rule, USDA’s announcement identified several important changes that it made to the proposed rule, which make this final rule far less burdensome on family farmers, ranchers, and backyard poultry owners.

We want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who took the time to write comments on the proposed rule in response to our action alerts.  Your comments truly made a difference!  We didn’t get every change we pushed for, but we got most of them, thanks to your hard work and support.

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Support Raw Milk Access in Texas!

Jersey dairy cowThe Texas legislature meets again in 2013 and we have another chance to improve our access to raw milk with the passage of HB 46. Those who used our tax money to fight the 2011 bill claimed safety issues; however, this is not a safety issue. It’s already legal to buy the same raw milk from the farmer on his farm. Allowing the farmer to deliver milk to his customers would not be less safe than customers driving many miles to the farm to pick up milk, it would just be more convenient for both.

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