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Texas news from the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance

FARFA_logoNews update from the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance:

Cottage Foods Rule

The cottage foods bill is a wonderful, simple law that we succeeded in passing last session. It allows individuals to make certain low-risk foods (non-hazardous baked goods, canned jams and jellies, and dried herbs) in their home kitchens and sell the foods directly to consumers without being regulated by the local or state health departments. There are a few conditions: sales must be less than $50,000 per year, the sale must occur at the home, and no internet sales are allowed.

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Real Food Seminar July 26, 2012 – what we discussed

The Real Food Seminar we presented on July 26 at the Spa and Wellness Center in League City, TX, was very exciting.  About 20 people attended, one person even drove from Lake Jackson! Wow!

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Rethinking Everything Conference – Dallas, TX

Rethinking Everything Conference 2012I am excited to tell you that I will be speaking at the 16th Rethinking Everything Conference in Dallas, TX, during the Labor Day weekend, August 30 – September 4, 2012. I will be included in two discussion panels, Blogging and Retirement. These are both topics that I AM passionate about.

Other bloggers scheduled to speak are Kimberly Hartke,; Jenny McGruther,, and Kelly Battalia,

There will be more about this conference later.

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Fluoride Free Houston!

You have a great smileHouston has a new organization of volunteers that want to make our drinking water safer!  There’s a new post on Real Food Houston about Fluoride Free Houston! Let’s make our drinking water safe!

Their next meeting is August 6th.  The Real Food Houston post has the details.

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