Wise Traditions 2014 Conference

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Chapter Meeting – Dr. Price’s Research and the Principles of Nourishing Traditional Diets

colorful eggs from pastured chickensOur chapter Meetup group, Houston Real Food Nutrition, is hosting a meeting August 16th to discuss the research of Dr. Weston A. Price and the principles of traditional diets.  See below for more information about time and location.

We will have a video about Dr. Price’s research followed by a slide show and discussion of the underlying characteristics of nourishing traditional diets.

What you will learn about traditional diets:

–What kinds of foods are necessary for a nutrient-dense diet

–What kinds of foods should be avoided for the best health

–Which nutrients are essential

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Farm & Food Leadership Conference: Don’t miss early registration, program lineup

FARFA_wilderness_logoAnnouncement from the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance:

We hope you will join us for this year’s Farm & Food Leadership Conference on September 15-16 in Bastrop, Texas. Hear the latest news on the laws and regulations that govern our food supply, connect with others who are passionate about our food system, and get the tools you need to make a difference in the coming year!


Registration fees will go up on August 1, so register today to save money!

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Last Organic Outpost Event – Get Fermented!

The Last OrganCAM00504ic Outpost is a hidden gem in the 5th ward of North Houston.  As you drive into the small neighborhood there is nothing to prepare you as you turn into this 2 acre lot full of warm, healthy soil, budding plants, thriving bees and caring hands. Walking into this place is like walking into a different world leaving the hustle and bustle of the city on your heals, awaiting your return. But for at least a little while, you are a farmer. Caring for your crops, clearing weeds, tending to the bees, cleaning and organizing the property, and preparing for another harvest.  You’re greeted with smiles and handshakes from Joe, the head farmer, and appreciation from all the other volunteers that keep this amazing place going.

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Making butter at home

Demystifying butter! How to make butter (and whip cream) with a mason jar.

butter hardened


Ever since my girlfriend told me I could make whip cream really easily with my KitchenAid (and simultaneously my husband got an espresso machine!) I’ve been popping out batches to go with fruit and cappuccinos all week. Then she said, well, you know if you whip a little longer, it becomes butter…

Hmmm… worth a shot!

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Save Our Farmers: Tell Congress to Oppose New Use of Toxic Herbicide

Action Alert from the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance:

Crop DustingWhat happens when the government approves new herbicide-resistant GMO crops?

The use of that herbicide skyrockets.

We’ve seen it happen with Roundup-resistant crops, and now we face a tidal wave of 2,4-D spraying. The impact would be inescapable. This toxic herbicide can volatilize and travel for miles, killing and stunting non-GMO crops with no way for the farmers to protect themselves.

In addition to destroying non-GMO crops, 2,4-D has also been linked to cancer, Parkinson’s disease, endocrine disruption, and reproductive problems.

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Cod Liver Oil is Our Number One Superfood!

Green Pasture SamplesLearn about the benefits of cod liver oil and enter the drawing to win one of the products from Green Pasture!  Green Pasture are the makers of Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Blue Ice Royal High Vitamin Butter Oil.

According to Dr. Chris Masterjohn, an expert on fat soluble vitamins, cod liver oil is an excellent source of nutrients essential to our health.  The next meeting of Houston Real Food Nutrition on July 12th will show his presentation, Cod Liver Oil, Our Number One Superfood.

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Tell EPA to stop the flood of toxic herbicide 2,4-D

Action alert from the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance:

What’s wrong with genetically engineered crops? There’s a long list of problems, from corporate control of our seed supply to unknown human health effects.

One of the key problems is that the vast majority of GMO crops are engineered to withstand repeated applications of toxic herbicides. That means more chemical usage with these crops, resulting in environmental damage and human health problems.

Poison MaskNow the biotech and chemical industry want to take it to the next level, and sell crops engineered to resist applications of the herbicide 2,4-D — one half of the toxic Agent Orange mixture. 2,4-D has been linked to cancer, Parkinson’s disease, endocrine disruption, and reproductive problems.

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Wise Traditions Conference, Indianapolis, November 7 – 9

Wise Traditions 2014 ConferenceThe Weston A. Price Foundation has released more detailed information about the Wise Traditions 2014 Conference:

Fifteenth International Conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation
JW Marriott Hotel, Indianapolis, Indiana

Friday, November 7 – Sunday, November 9
Plus special activities Thursday, November 6 and Monday, November 10
Thursday:  Chapter Leader Meeting and Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund Dinner
Monday: Farm Tour plus seminars on Homeopathy, Health, Cooking, Movement & Raw Milk

Click here for conference details

or call (540) 722-7104

FORTY SPEAKERS – See speaker details

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Help Stop New Tax on Farmers

Alert from the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance:

Have you owned at least one head of cattle in the last 12 months? You have a voice in whether you should be required to pay more taxes on cattle sales! The Big Beef industry wants to double the tax that cattle owners pay for every sale of their animals.

Even if you didn’t own cattle, you can still help us by spreading the word.

Voting starts today, June 2, through Friday, June 6! TODAY is the last day to a request a mail-in ballot. Click here for details on how to vote.

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Taming The Sugar Beast

We are a world obsessed with sugar. This sweet food has had us in its grips for over 10,000 years. Whether it’s a sweet pastry, a sugary drink, or a loaf of bread we are bombarded by sugar at every turn. Even though your “sugar beast” may be winning the war right now, I’ll share some tips to help tame it and take back control of your health.

How did we get here?

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