Wise Traditions Regional Conference in Houston March 29-30, 2014

Although the conference is over, conference recordings can be purchased online.  Several different packages are available.  Contact Fleetwood Onsite for more information.

CHAPTER EMAIL LIST:  If you signed our chapter email list at the Wise Traditions conference but have not yet received an email from the chapter, please contact us at info@wapf-houston.org.

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Raw Milk Education Webinar Series

The Farm-to-Consumer Foundation Announces Raw Milk Webinars

April 9, 16, 23 at 1 p.m. Eastern

Raw Milk University, presented by the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation (FTCF), is for farmers and consumers at all levels of raw milk production and consumption experience who want to learn more about the methods and opportunities for raw milk production, the consumer’s role in safe handling practices, and the new relationships that the raw milk movement is fostering within the local food movement.

Farmers: Start, maintain, or learn more about how to improve your raw milk dairy operation.

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Introducing Amy Robison, Co-Chapter Leader

Amy Robison

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Farmers Market Spotlight – Westchase Farmers Market

Thursdays 3-7pm (hours change seasonally)
10503 Westheimer Road (Beltway 9 and Westheimer)

Westchase 1

I was originally contacted by the Westchase Farmers Market manager in fall of last year. He contacted me to see if I wanted to be an egg vendor at the market. I am still small potatoes and don’t have the volume to make it to a weekly market, so despite his reassurance he would work with me, I respectfully declined.

Westchase 4Westchase 2

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TOFGA Conference Recap – Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association – Feb 2014

So, this was my first official year at TOFGA. Last year, I wanted to attend the Austin conference but we were in the middle of closing on our house so I only made the trip for a pre-conference workshop on cover crops. It was readily apparent I was the only one in the room that had no idea what cover crops were and what they did and how to irrigate a garden and so on and so forth. I didn’t know what t-tape was (and my notes said “tea tape?”). About the only thing I understood was compost tea. My husband has been obsessed with it since we went to the Funky Coop Chicken Tour in Austin a few years back and one of the sites on the tour had a Last Organic Outpost-esque variety  garden, but with chickens instead of aquaponics.

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Farm Bill Victories: Country of Origin Labeling, Fair Competition, Food Safety Rules, and States’ Rights

FARFA_wilderness_logoNews from the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance:

After more than two years of congressional debate, the Farm Bill is moving forward. Last week, the conference committee issued a report that resolved the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill. The House voted to approve the conference committee version of the Farm Bill, 251-166, and the Senate is expected to vote on it this week.

We’ll start with the bad news: the bulk of the Farm Bill continues the same programs that favor large-scale, chemical-intensive, mono-cropping and commodity agriculture.

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Do you want to know where your food comes from?


Action alert from the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance:

Farm Bill Update: Proposed NAFTA label would undermine Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)!

Congress continues to get closer to a final Farm Bill, and word is that Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) is in trouble. We need your help!

The latest proposal to undermine COOL would allow meatpackers to put “product of North America” on the label, replacing labels that actually identify a meat product’s country of origin. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) did many things – many of them bad -but it did not create a new country! Simply put, a NAFTA label is not COOL.

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WAPF Regional Wise Traditions Conference in Houston, March 29-30

WAPF 2013 DinnerHouston is lucky this year! The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) has chosen Houston to be the location of one of their two regional conferences for 2014. The WAPF has one major international conference each year (last one was in Atlanta, November 2013) and two regional conferences. We don’t need to travel far to hear national speakers and learn more about eating traditional foods to promote good health.

The Houston Regional Wise Traditions Conference will be at the Houston Marriott South at Hobby Airport March 29-30, 2014.

Although there is much more to come, here is the information we have now about the program and the speakers.

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Green Gate Farms CSA Winter Shares Begins

Green Gate Farms logoIf you live in the Austin, Texas area, here’s news from Green Gate Farms:

Winter Shares Begin Next Week – Join Us

January 2014

After the holiday season of sweets and feasts, we are ready for something different. Here at the farm, our bodies are craving things that crunch and have a bite — sharp arugula, tangy broccoli, crisp white turnips, bright carrots, crunchy lettuce, shredded cabbage. Bring on the flavors of winter in Central Texas!

If you’re ready for a change too, we’re here to help. Our organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program begins next week. This means 75* lucky members will receive a small share of what our fields produce each week until mid-March.

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Congress is getting close to a deal on the Farm Bill — it’s time to speak up again!

FARFA_wilderness_logoAction alert from the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance:

After many delays, it looks like Congress is getting close to a final version of the Farm Bill. We’ve been told that the conference committee has agreed on the broad framework. The final negotiations will include several issues that we’ve worked on: Country of Origin Labeling, fair markets for livestock farmers, and food safety regulations.

Even if you have called before, please call again to make sure your voice is heard on these issues! You can find out who to call and what to say in the Take Action section below.

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